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***Please DO NOT save coupons as PDFs to reprint. The companies do not intend for you to continue printing it once it is removed from their pages. I STRESS in my seminars that I only post links to coupons I have permission to share, and if the manufacturers remove the coupon, it is no longer available to print from me either. Please understand this practice will ruin couponing in the long run. It may not seem like a big deal to print a few extra copies, but if everyone does, the manufacturer will have to refuse them...then the retailers will not accept them, and we will not be able to use printables anywhere. If you ever receive a coupon by email from anyone, and not from the manufacturer, be aware it may be fraudulent. This is another issue we have discussed and retailers here in Moncton have encountered this year. Always get the coupons from the manufacturer sites...if they are gone, they are gone for a reason. 

UPDATED Sept 16th 

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