Coupon Lingo

Not sure what WUB and MIR stands for? 
Tear pads, call-ins, and inserts, all have you confused???
This page should help you understand some of the 
Coupon Lingo you will run into on this site.

One Per Purchase = One Per Item (5 coupons for the Gillette Deodorant + 5 Gillette Deodorant being purchased = One Coupon Per Purchase)
One Per Transaction = One of that coupon in your entire order

Coupon Abbreviations

AC=After Coupon (the price after you use a coupon)
AR=After Rebate (final price after you get your rebate)
BOGO / B1G1=Buy One Get One ….
BOGO FREE / B1G1 FREE= Buy One Get One Free
CNP=Coupon Near Product
CRT=Coupon on Register/Receipt Tape
CZ=Coupon Zone Coupon (Loblaw's)
FAR=Free After Rebate
FPC= Free Product Coupon
FT=For Trade
IP=Internet Printable Coupon
LF=Looking for
MAN=Manufacturer's Coupon
MIR=Mail IN Rebate
NED=No Expiry Date
OOP= Out Of Pocket
PM=Price Match
HV= High Value (coupons)
RC=Rain Check
RRRLF=really, really, really looking for
SCOP=Scanning Code of Practice (Details and Store who participate)
SMP=Specially Market Packages
SPC=Student Price Card
TMF=Try Me Free
WYB / WUB=When you Buy

MO= Mail out (from company or site)
TP= Tear Pad
SS= Smart Source Printable / Insert
PEELIE= Coupon on package
PK= Coupon in Packaging (on box or inside packs)

CO= Checkout 51 (cash back app)
Snap= Snap (Cash back app)
Zweet = Cash back app
Coupgon = Digital Coupon App


FPC= Free Product Coupon
FT=For Trade
PM= Private Message
RRRLF=really, really, really looking for
VWL = Virtual Wish List
Train = CLICK HERE for description


Tear Pad=A Pad of Coupons or MIR near a product display
Peelie=Coupon you Peel off a Product/Package
Call In / Mail Out=Coupon you receive after either calling or emailing the Manufacturer 
Insert= Coupons found in Newspaper inserts (usually 1- 2 times a month) There are 3 regular inserts that come out in Canada (Redplum, SmartSource and Brandsaver)
Magazine= Coupons found in Magazines
Booklet = Coupons four in information or recipe booklets you find in stores or with magazine subscriptions.
websaver / / brandsaver= Coupons found on their website (you order them)
Shopper`s Voice= Coupons mailed out to you from filling in the survey at Shopper`s Voice
Printable = Coupons printed from online sources
Hang Tag = Coupons found hanging on your door or hanging on a product (around the neck of a bottle)
Catalina = Coupon on the back or end of a receipt.  (Target gives them every transaction)

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