Wednesday, 2 November 2011

HIDDEN LINKS on the online Coupon sites

Mail To Home Coupon Sites

HIDDEN LINKS on the online Coupon sites
These pages are not always active, but the links will be available on here for when there are new coupons on the company's portal page.
Please note: some may come up "No Longer Available" for some people in certain areas.

GoCoupons: - French: UPDATING LINKS
  • MAIN:
  • Arm & Hammer
  • Bayer portal 
  • Club House Seasonings 
  • Dr. Oetker Pizza 
  • Kellogg's portal
  • Kraft Dinner Smart 
  • Kraft Shredded Cheese 
  • Life Well. Save Well.
  • Majesta 
  • Pediasure 
  • Post Foods 
  • Purina 
  • Purina One 
  • Purina Pro Plan portal 
  • Ryza
  • Sign up at for $1 off coupon for any variety of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • Sign up at for additional Life Made Delicious coupons
  • So Good 
  • Sunlight portal -French:
 Facebook offers:


  1. could't get any of the brandsaver links to work for me...

  2. If you have already ordered them, you cannot reorder yet. They are the portals for the coupons on Brandsaver. Some will be removed from the main site, but still remain in the portals. they will only allow you to order them every so often. Sorry for any confusion.


    I got to both thru facebook


  4. Thanks Erica!
    I will add them to the list.

  5. New one added for Smart Bread, Olivieri was already there. Thanks for the post and helping keep the list up to date!

  6. I think alot of these links don't work anymore?

    1. Many of the manufacturers take down coupons and will put new ones up from time to time. I leave the links available, since they go to a site that will host a coupon when they release it. Many do not have coupons on them at all times, these are the HIDDEN PORTAL Links to manufacturer's links.

    2. Some of the pages have this...does this mean there is a new URL for the site? Thanks, Jayme L.

      Not Found

      Error: The requested address '/majesta_fr' was not found on this server.

    3. Thank-you :) I clicked on everyone of these :) Tons of hidden gems :)

  7. How often do they change coupons on the sites and Thanks for doing Matchups
    Thanks Ro