Saturday, 26 November 2011

Contest Winners


TAN Tanning Salon
Win one of 20 bottles of tanning Lotion from TAN Tanning Salon, Mountain Rd, Moncton.
*** You can pick up your prize at TAN Tanning Salon at 1224 Mountain Road unit #7, Moncton, NB 
I will send them your name, so they will know you are coming for it.
1. Tasha Cormier                                                 11. Morgan Brandy Macdonald
2. Melissa Lovell                                                   12. Virginia Langille
3. Terry Pinet                                                         13. Michelle Lee Henry
4. Lisa Horgan                                                       14. Cindy Vick
5. Bonnie Metallic                                                  15. Melissa Gooding
6.Tammy Girouard Briggs                                    16. Jessica Cyr
7.Josee Charlebois                                               17. Yolaine Robichaud
8. Amy Renouf                                                        18. Michelle Lee Henry 
9. Carlos-April Lopez                                             19. Darlene Doiron
10. Christina Perry                                                  20. Dawna Murray


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of a pair of tickets to the Gala Expo this weekend!
Jean Maillet (2 tickets)
Cynthia Boucher (2 tickets)
Darlene Doiron (2 tickets)
Pam Gallant (2 tickets)
Vanessa Duffy (2 tickets)
 Lori King(2 tickets)
 Dianna Buchanan (2 tickets)
Jessica Arseneault (2 tickets)
Jen Sparks (2 tickets)

The Kitchen Gourmet Catering 

A collection of homemade gourmet sweet treats
 in time for Valentine's Day from 
The Kitchen Gourmet Catering!

Winner is Elizabeth Humphrey Babineau


Winner is Laura Fuller

 1 of 2 Tickets to 
McSweeney Company Dinner Theatre's 
New Production "The Nearlywed"! 
Winners are Bev Copp & Kathy Kierstead

Michelle Richard
Won a $15 Gift Certificate from 
Coady's Crocheted Creations

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