Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cloud b Tranquil Starfish REVIEW

Tranquil Starfish™

I received this Cloud b Tranquil Starfish to review. My son, now 20 months old, has always needed a light and white noise to sleep. This is helping him sleep faster, and more and more in the dark.

When it arrived I was excited, not only to try it out, but it fit perfectly with the theme of his room already. It is durable (he was able to play with it as well as have it on his shelf at night).

It features a 23 minute automatic timer , then creating complete 
darkness, helping ease fears of the dark.
The soothing sounds are similar to white noise and help little ones fall asleep. 

This Tranquil Starfish plays soothing sounds and features a unique textured shell 
which creates an underwater light effect. As you can see in the photos, my son's room has an underwater/fish theme, so I was delighted to add this to his decor and nightly routine!

Age: 0+
MSRP: $48.99
Available now at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada

More info for the Tranquil Starfish:

SmarTrike 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic Tricycle REVIEW

SmarTrike® 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic Tricycle

I was asked to review this tricycle, and right from assembly I was very impressed. I would highly recommend this 4 in 1 Trike for anyone with a child that fits in the age range of 10mths - 3 yrs. My son was 19-20 months as we tested this and it is the perfect age to try it at stages 1 & 2. I look forward to him growing with the trike and transitioning through the various stages. We have been using this for  little over a month, and LOVE it!

For starters, I unpacked the SmarTrike Tricycle and put it together. It took me a total of 20 minutes by myself. Easy and extremely quick assembly, made me very happy. Who likes spending hours trying to piece together toddler toys or accessories? No worries with this SmarTrike!

This tricycle has the easiest steering I have experienced in a Trike or even stroller.

Apart from being an amazingly easy tricycle to steer, my favourite feature of this parent assisted trike is the telescopic parent handle. I am 5'10" and the most difficult part of being a tall mom is finding a stroller, trike or other children's vehicles that allow me to steer without bending over.
The telescopic handle is perfect for me, being tall, and is adjustable so that others can lower and push at their comfort level.

The extendable UV protective canopy helps keep your little one protected from the son. My little guy hats to wear a hat, with the canopy I did not have to worry about loading his hair with sunscreen. Just pulled it out and shaded his head.

My son, Clayton, loved being able to have his cup within reach with the bottle/cup holder.There is also a toy phone attached to the handle bars, which he chats away on :)

In addition to the ease of use and fun details for my son, I appreciated the storage compartments included on the SmarTrike. As you can see in the photo, there is plenty of room for your wallet, phone and other small items in the small compartment on the top of the handle. There is also a covered compartment for the basket of the trike. This allows you to fit much more in the larger compartment with solid plastic basket at the bottom. You take this shopping or to the park and store your picnic or shopping bags in the larger compartment.

Overall I feel this is an excellent value, as it will grow with your child.

~ Ruth Ann & Clayton (20 mth old)

Here are the stages and ages recommended for each stage.

Stage One – Parent-controlled trike: At 10 months, the baby is comfortably seated in the high
back padded seat with full control in the parents hands.

Stage Two – Guided trike: At 18 months, the back support is removed while still being fully
controlled by the parent.
Stage Three – Training trike: At 24 months, the footrest is folded in and the child learns how to

Stage Four – Classic trike: At 36 months, the parent handle is removed and the child can ride

Age: 10 months – 3 years old
MSRP: $169.99

For more information visit their website:
Product Page for SmarTrike 4in1 Touch Steering Chic Tricyle

 *The opinions expressed in this review are mine, I was not paid in any way to offer my opinion.

V-Tech Smartwatch Review

We had fun testing out the VTech Smartwatch. It was provided to me to offer my opinion and share with you.

This watch is so much fun! Both of my children played with it.
Having an 11 yr old and toddler gave me a chance to see what the watch could really do.

First off, it looks great, and will fit any child well. The carmera "points" out the side of the watch, for a unique angle and fun perspective for kids. My boys were able to be creative and add frames to their photos, making it more fun and interactive for them.

Recording their voices was their favourite feauture by far. This watch is not only educational, it is so much fun!!

I recommend this Smartwatch for children learning to tell time. It allows them to change clock faces and play learning games as well. The only downfall was that my little guy did not want to take it off!

~ Ruth Ann, Clayton & Lorne

Here are some of the features of this watch. The watch we tested is bright green, but is also available in Pink and Blue.

Features include:
 Camera with photo effects
 Video recorder
 Voice recorder
 Touch screen
 4 learning games
 Durable design
 Connects with VTech's Learning Lodge™
 Available in blue, green, and pink
 Splash and sweat proof
 Rechargeable
 Digital and analog watch displays
 Timer and alarm clock
 50+ clock face designs
 Exclusive white colour for Walmart

Age recommendation: 4+ years
MSRP: $59.99

Retail availability: 

For more information on this and other VTech products visit: